On February 14th, we fly to Johannesburg, have an amazing brai(BBQ) with Annie and Ken.
Then made ourselves at home - using their internet, laundry, telephones, showers, and
bedrooms.  We truly took advantage of these good people. Then quickly the next day (without
enough thank you's) we met up with Evelyn's cousin Liz at Jo'burg airport for a flight to
Zanzibar(Tanzania).   Liz and Evelyn already have their spots reserved at the Zanzibar beach,
and just need to organize a
Safari through one of the agencies.  Allan is looking forward to
Kilimanjaro then relaxing on a safari afterwards.  With all three of us to
rendezvous back in Zanzibar after two weeks, then return to South Africa.
Zoo Blues is the travellers way of introducing a few of the many animals we photographed.  
Otherwise, visit the
Safari webpage for a complete animal roundup.
Zoo Blues
by Robin Williamson, Sylvia Woods,
Christopher Caswell and Jerry McMillan

I asped the elephant in the elevator
Where you had gone, he said you were boozing round with the bees
When I had the bucks my dear, you were so fawn
Now my doe is gone and you're so colt to me
Camels in the zoo singing one hump or two
But I can't bear to see them no cow
I feel the loss a lot, I miss you an ocelot
I wonder who's kitten you now
My llama mama what's gnu with you
With your cat's pyjamas and his cockatoo
You sealed your fate with him

Gorilla my dreams
you're a
cheetah it seems
fly are you
lion to me
you otter be sad losing me
(for goodness snakes)

I toad you donkey me waitin', why you hesitatin'
I'll pig you up at ape, iguana bison rings and meat you at your front
You mustang gone in his big black carp when he gibbon you that new mink

There's no depenguin on you that's for sure (sheep skate)
You played me for a sucker, at leech they said,
I was sow gull-a-bull
Ain't no mousetake you snake I'll make you regret you treated me so
Gonna grab my cat, gonna grab my goat
Gonna ram you worms right down your throat
I kangaroo in this sad stoat, you sealed your fate with him.