Peru Jan 8 - Jan 25, 2006
So much to see and so little time.  Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, Lima, and more...
Chile  Dec 26, 2005 - Jan 7, 2006
We start our travels in Chile by taking a ferry from Puerto Montt to Puerto Natales.  We have booked our ferry trip
through the internet to start on Dec 26.  And preferring to stay Christmas night in Bariloche we have organized our
bus trip from Bariloche to Pueto Montt the morning of Dec 26, with an ETA of 2 hours prior to our embarkation...
Argentina  Nov 26 - Dec 26, 2005
Our travels through Argentina start in Buenos Aires for 10 days of Tango and Spanish lessons.  Then week in Iquaza
to enjoy the falls.  Another 10 days in Mendoza of wine tasting, sports adventures, and more Spanish classes.  With a
finale in Bariloche for more Spanish classes, and some fly fishing.
Uruguay  Dec 4, 2005
We planned on travelling to Colonial del Sacramento, Uruguay to collect another country stamp in our passports, but
were surprised by the beauty and charm of this small town, just a short boat trip from Buenos Aires...
Brazil  Nov 4 - Nov 25, 2005
We travel to Brazil with two major stops: Rio de Janiero, and the Amazon.
In Rio, we stay in a spectacular B&B with Cama e Cafe that is in Santa Teresa, an older part of Rio with beautiful
mansions and cobble stone roads, and a trolley.
Miami Oct 31 - Nov 3, 2005
Our original plans had Miami as just another layover, but instead, we used Miami as a replenishment center.  Mailing
packages back home, tasting American cooking again, and most importantly, getting Allan's Visa for travel to Brazil.  
And with perfect timing to enjoy Halloween...
Panama, Oct 16 - Oct 23, 2005
Bocas del Toro.  Sun drenched islands off Panama offering a small paradise of great weather, great dining, fun
adventures, and a Spanish school all wrapped into a wonderful package...
Costa Rica, Sept 23 - Oct 31, 2005
We begin our amazing adventure in Costa Rica with Spanish lessons at IPED school in Heredia, a small collegiate town
on the outskirts of San Jose...
Los Angeles, Sept 8 - Sept 22, 2005
Los Angeles, though our final destination, is also a quick two week stopover for us since our RTW ticket originated in
Hawaii, August 30 - Sept 7, 2005
We've travelled to Hawaii hundreds of times, yet Hawaii continues to attract us as a flower for a bee.
Sydney, August 25-August 30, 2005
Sydney is a short but whirl-wind tour of old friends and fond memories.
New Zealand, August 18-August 25, 2005
Our trip to New Zealand included: Skiing, Underground Rafting, and Climbing a Glacier
Brisbane,  August 11-August 18, 2005
Our long drive through Queensland ends at the happy home and family of Rob and Dale in Brisbane
Queensland, July 16-August 10, 2005
Australia is our re-introduction to the English speaking world.  For the first few days, we still wonder if the words
coming out of our mouths make any sense. But the Aussies are good sports, and let us pretend that we are in
Japan, June 30-July 15, 2005
Japan needs to be told as two stories.  Even though Evelyn and Allan travelled around Japan together, they have
two different stories.  These two tales start in Tokyo where Allan has arrived two days earlier than Evelyn to setup
camp in Tokyo...  
Vietnam June 25-29, 2005
While Allan was touring Beijing Evelyn took a short trip to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Beijing, June 20-30, 2005
What's a RTW trip without visiting the world's most populous country and trying what real Chinese food tastes like.
Cambodia: June 14-19, 2005
While Evelyn was busy studying for her TEFL degree, Allan took a short trip to Cambodia . Cambodia is a country
that is still not ready for prime time.  Cambodia combines the amazing beauty of the
Angkor Wat temples with the
disturbing horror of the Killing Fields from the Pol Pot regime in the late 1970s.  Even today, the country is run by
the military.  But for the adventurous traveler, Cambodia offers vistas not found anywhere else in this increasingly
civilized world...
Phuket, Thailand : May 26 - June 24, 2005
Evelyn has signed up for a TEFL class(Teaching English as a Foreign Language) in Patong, Thailand - a small
beach town on Phuket Island known more for the 2004 Tsunami destruction than for teaching TEFL classes.  
June is the beginning of the wet season in Thailand; so, most of the hotels are empty.  Evelyn has been able to
rent a fairly nice hotel room for $10/night - an even better price than our hotel in India.  We come to Thailand
expecting monsoon rains similar in ferocity to those found in India.  Instead, the weather is overcast with sprinkles
and a few short thunder showers during the day...
Goa, India : May 5 - June 2, 2005
After staying overnight at the Obnoxious-Service Hotel in Delhi, we made our way to the Delhi Domestic
Airport.  We were anticipating something else going wrong - Delhi seems to be the capital of misadventures.  
And true to form, upon our arrival at the airport, Sahara Air told us that they had dropped their direct flights
from Delhi to Goa.  About a month prior, and about the same time we purchased the ticket.  Coincidence?  The
airline offered to fly us the next day thru Mumbai, and be wait listed for the flight from Mumbai to Goa.  And if
we didn't get on that flight, they could route us thru Hyderabad the following day.  Needless to say, Evelyn and
I were getting pissed about how Sahara Air ran their airline.  Why were we not told about the change?  Why
were they not able to accommodate us in Business class?  Where they going to put us in a hotel for the night?
Luckily,  one of the few competent managers realized that we and several others had the same plight...
Tibet, China : April 25-May 3, 2005
Tashi Delek from Tibet, China.  From the same company that we purchased our Annapurna trek(First
Environmental Trekking), we also have purchased a Tibetan tour package...
Kathmandu, Nepal : April 22, 2005
Namaste from Kathmandu, Nepal.  We have not fallen off the earth as many readers have commented.  
Between the joys of travel and the dearth of high-speed internet portals in Africa, we have been somewhat
neglect in updating this website.  
India  April 3-5, 2005
This is Evelyn's first visit to India; so, first impressions are always important. We've organized three nights at the
Broadway Hotel in Old Delhi - considered the BEST hotel in Old Delhi by the Lonely Planet Delhi book.  Instead,
we find a shabby hotel, with mildewy rooms and a free breakfast that follows the get-what-you-pay-for hotel....  
During our India visit, we are also introduced to
Medical and Dental Holidays.  Many people travel to India
despite the $1500 airfare to visit with a doctor or dentist at pennies on the dollar.
Victoria Falls, Zambia:  March 28-31, 2005
Why make a challenging trip even more difficult?  Why climb a mountain?  With our few remaining days in South
Africa, we decide to take a sidetrip to Victoria Falls.  One of the seven natural wonders of the world.  And the
center of several different countries.   One of Allan's goals from day one was to add as many countries to his
passport as possible on this trip.  And a trip to Victoria Falls would be a quick way of adding Zambia, Zimbabwe,
and Botswana quickly.  Many people travel to Victoria Falls and never see the falls - this we did several times.
But the area also offers many adventure packages.  White River rafting was our BIG adventure.  Capsized
boats, lost shoes and oars, and a thunderstorm that made returning after the rafting and even greater
South Africa Road Trip: March 8-28, 2005
Want to see the true color of any country.  Drive through the country.  Petrol and car rentals are expensive in
South Africa; so, we rent the smallest, most economical car that offers a trunk.  Ford Ikon.  Every low-end
economy car has it's fair share of problems, this car had those problems, and then some.  But this isn't the story
of car maintenance, but instead of our three week drive from Johannesburg to Cape Town.  This journey will
take us thru Lesetho, down to Durban, through the wild-coast, the Garden Route, and eventually landing on
Liz's front step in
Cape Town.
Kruger National Park, South Africa : March 2-4, 2005
We return to Johannesburg and stay with Annie and Ken again with Liz continuing on home to Cape Town.  I
can never get enough of Ken's amazing Brai - spelled with a capital 'B' now.  Evelyn is longing for a real bed
and shower.  Again we take full advantage of their generous hospitality.  Again we stay but one night, then we
are off to Kruger National Park - with Annie and the Brai-master, Ken.  Kruger is South Africa's best national
park, containing thousands of wild African animals.  Having just returned from the Serengeti, Annie was truly
concerned that we'd be disappointed when comparing parks.  Annie need not be concerned.  Between Annie's
hospitality, Ken's brai's and amazing stories, and the ultra-modern camping facilities offered in Kruger, our three
day trip to Kruger was in many ways more memorable the Serengeti.
Tanzania : February 15, 2005
On February 14th, we fly to Johannesburg, have an amazing brai(BBQ) with Annie and Ken. Then made
ourselves at home - using their internet, laundry, telephones, showers, and bedrooms.  We truly took
advantage of these good people. Then quickly the next day(without enough thank you's) we met up with
Evelyn's cousin Liz at Jo'burg airport for a flight to
Zanzibar.   Liz and Evelyn already have their spots reserved
and the Zanzibar beach, and just need to organize a Safari through one of the local travel agencies.  Allan is
looking forward to conquering
Kilimanjaro then relaxing on a safari afterwards.  With all three to rendezvous
back in Zanzibar after two weeks, then return to South Africa.
Madrid:  February 6, 2005
Hola from Madrid.  After escaping the treacherous snows of Istanbul by the skin of our teeth, we were welcomed
to Madrid by a Hostel with 24 hour porno cable, and a terrorist attack.
Istanbul : January 28, 2005
No turnıng back now.  We've landed ın Istanbul wıthout major problems. We've met new frıends and discovered
new adventures and delicacıes.  
Taking a Gap Year
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Travelers' Century Club
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long stressful hours at work, insane commuting, or just the craziness of life.

Galapagos Jan 15 - Jan 22, 2006
Everyone hears about how amazing the Galapagos Islands are to visit.  Well, it's true.  And more...
Annapurna Trail, Nepal: April 6-25, 2005
The main reason that most people visit Nepal is for trekking.  And after Everest, the second best know trail is
Annapurna(don't argue with me here).  I've signed Evelyn and myself up for an 18 day tour of the Annapurna
Trail, starting in Pokhara and ending in Besi Sahar.  I took two weeks for me to trek this trail 4 years ago, and I
figure adding a few days will be enough padding to cover contingencies.  I also remember trekking 6-8 hours
per day, and being fairly tired at the end of each day.  Starting in Pokhara also gives us a contingency route in
case one of us(probably Evelyn) had medical difficulties on the trail.  She worried about her knees, I worried
about her training.  We also worried about the Maoist rebels along the trail who would extort fees for their
cause. We did not plan on our both getting the stomach flu, and trimming our trek to eleven days instead of 18
Song of the Open Road
by Walt Whitman

Afoot and light-hearted I take to the open road
Healthy, free, the world before me,
The long brown path before me leading wherever I choose.
Not all those who wander are lost.
                     — J. R. R. Tolkien