Our visit to Queensland starts with a visit to Port Douglas for four days to re-visit this jewel on the sea.  Port
Douglas was one of our favorite towns during our visit in 2001.  We took another bush walk with Pete Baxendall
an experienced tour guide originally from Kenya and again enjoyed the great dinning of Port Douglas.  From
here, we  rent a car to drive from Cairns to Brisbane.  
Our visit to Cairnes is highlighted by Evelyn's changing her hair color and  Allan purchasing the latest Harry
Potter novel within minutes of the latest book going on sale.
While in Cairns rain didin't stop Allan from going scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef.  

During our ten day road trip from Cairns to Brisbane, we visited Mission Beach, Townsville, Airlie Beach,
Rockhampton, Noosa, Frazer Island, Byron Bay and Surfers' Paradise before finishing in Brisbane.