Annapurna Trail, Nepal: April 6-25, 2005
The main reason that most people visit Nepal is for trekking.  And after Everest, the
second best know trail is Annapurna(don't argue with me here).  I've signed Evelyn and
myself up for an 18 day tour of the Annapurna Trail, starting in Pokhara and ending in
Besi Sahar.  I took two weeks for me to trek this trail 4 years ago, and I figure adding a
few days will be enough padding to cover contingencies.  I also remember trekking 6-8
hours per day, and being fairly tired at the end of each day.  Starting in Pokhara also
gives us a contingency route in case one of us had medical difficulties on the trail.  She
worried about her knees, I worried about her fitness and she was concerned about mine.  
We also worried about the Maoist rebels along the trail who would extort fees for their
cause. We did not plan on our both getting the stomach flu, and trimming our trek to
eleven days instead of 18.
Namaste is the traditional way of greeting in India and Nepal.  The action of joining the palms of both hands
together in front of chest (over the heart); symbolizes, "I recognize the God in you".  It is the philosophy of
oneness (I and you are one in mind and heart), and opens our hearts to spread love, peace, bliss and the
ability to show how we can help and serve each other.

Everyone can say Namaste.  Practice of Namaste with clear intentions helps to develop faith in ahimsa
(non-violence).  Ahimsa paramo Dharma - Non-violence is the greatest Dharma.

Om Shanti

From Pilgraims Book House