Why do so many people consider the  Indian
population poor.  Here is your typical middle class
Indian home just outside the Delhi city limits.  Just
seemed strange that they would build a swimming pool
in the front yard.
Delhi    April 3 - 5, 2005
We arrived in Delhi at 3 am after spending eight hours shopping in Hong Kong.   This is
Evelyn's first visit to India; so, first impressions are always important. We've organized three
nights at the Broadway Hotel in Old Delhi - considered the BEST hotel in Old Delhi by the
Lonely Planet Delhi book.  Instead, we find a shabby hotel, with mildewy rooms and a free
breakfast that follows the get-what-you-pay-for model.  

We visit several of the local sights, more to get away from our hotel than to visit tourist
destination.  Quitb Minar, 12 th century tower, Rashtrapti Bhvan , president's residence,
Gate of India and park, Kahn Market, the Rajghat, Gandhi  flame and Lal Quila, Red Fort.

The highlight of our stay in Delhi was discovering an wonderful vegetarian restaurant. Clean
inside and out(even toilets that met with Evelyn's approval), and a interesting assortment of
Indian meals.