Sunday: Arrival to the airport in Baltra Island - visit to Bachas Beach

Monday: In the morning visit to North Seymour Island and in the afternoon visit to South Plazas Island.  1 dive in
Seymour and 1 dive in Gordon Rocks.

Tuesday: Arrival to Espanola Island, in the morning visit to Gardner Bay and in the afternoon visit to Punta
Suarez.  1 dive in Gardner Bay

Wednesday: Arrival to Floreana Island, in the morning visit to Post Office Bay and in the afternoon visit to
Punta Cormorant.  1 dive in Enderby and 1 dive in Champion Rocks.

Thursday: In the morning visit to Santa Fe Island and in the afternoon visit to Charles Darwin Station in Puerto
Ayora (Santa Cruz Island.  1 dive in Santa Fe.

Friday: In the morning visit to Bartolome Island and Puerto Egas in the afternoon.   1 dive in Cousin Rocks

Saturday: Visit to Rabida Island and Sombrero Chino in the afternoon.  1 dive in Rabida.

Sunday: In the morning visit to Caleta Tortuga and transfer to the airport in Baltra.
A truly amazing trip.  A group of 50 or students and family from Calvin college in Michigan had booked a cruise
several months back, but 3 weeks ago, but one of the boats that was to carry 16 of the people was impounded for
back taxes.  They had to scramble to find a new boat.   The travel agent couldn't find anything that carried 16
people but found two boats that carried 12 each.  Booked the two boats allowing that extra passengers could
also be booked.  I came along about a week before departure, and they had dropped the berth price from $1800 to
$1100 for a shared cabin.

Part scuba, part trekking.  When I arrived last Sunday, most of the cabins were still empty, so, everyone (9 of us)
got cabins to ourselves.  The boat is an 82 foot catamaran designed for scuba and sailing, with a great cook and a
guide, and a guide+divemaster.  Everyone had the best of scuba and sailing at a bargain price.
Usual schedule was to hike at 6am, return for breakfast, dive, then have lunch, go trakking, then diving, then have
dinner, then play some games in the evening.  Have lots of great photos of everything from sea-lions, penquins,
dolphins, sharks, rays, gooney birds, and on.  Was truly amazed that we could walk up to within inches of a gooney
bird and the bird would just keep looking at you.  We had eight dives around the G. islands.  On one dive we were
barraged with one amazing experience after another.  Sea-lions that dove down 100 feet to see what we were
doing.  Then a school of white-tip sharks swam among us.  Then a school of rays floated above us.  Then some
turtles snuck up from behind us.  A couple who had over 100 dives said that it was the most amazing dive they ever

The one day we were ashore without dives was by coincidence the B-day of our divemaster.  He wasn't going to tell
us, but kiddie drawing book he as selling let our his secret.  We stayed out until 3am drinking that night, only to get
up the next day at 6am for a hike.   Each day was a new and wonderful experience.  And I have 600 photos of
my adventures.  A truly amazing adventure.  One of the true highlights of our yearlong tour.