Costa Rica
We begin our amazing adventure in Costa Rica with Spanish lessons at IPED school in Heredia, a small collegiate town on
the outskirts of San Jose.
We chose Heredia because the big city of San Jose is dirty and crime ridden.
And just a 50 cent bus ride when we need to visit the city.
Our Spanish lessons turned out to be an amazing fun adventure.
One day 1 the owner of the school, David, gave us a personal tour of the town of Heredia.
Telling us where the best restaurants, stores, ATMs, buses, were to be found.
And nearly everyday after classes we are entertained with tours, cooking classes, Salsa classes, a Jazz Club,
tennis or swimming at his club, and after dinner drinks at his house.  
Plus a tour to the waterfalls, butterfly farm, hummingbird reserve.
Plus a tour of the Britt Coffee plantation.
We even had time to visit the Theatro National on Saturday night to watch the Costa Rican philharmonic play Mozart's
Magic Flute, and other favorites for only $14 (these were the most expensive seats).  
This small adventure became interesting because Allan tried to wear shorts into the theater.
And of course, Spanish lessons, which were one-on-one because we were travelling in the off season.  Wow!!!
Plus we were doing a home stay with a wonderful woman named Tere who was a gourmet cook, and master artisan
serving us breakfast and dinner everyday - as part of our homestay package for less than staying
at the cheapest hotel in Heredia.  
Tere has been the president of a local university, and is now a master craftswoman producing
amazingly intricate artwork for sale in 60 different art shops around Heredia and San Jose.
Our stop in Heredia was one of our most amazing stops in travelling around the world
Where's my Fruit Loops?
Night at the Jazz Cafe
Tere: Gourmet Cook and Master Artisan
IPED Cooking Classes
Our home in Heredia
Cafe Britt
Two to Tango(or Salsa)
Short(s) Stop
Phone Home
Are these legal?
Boruca Art
Next stop: Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.  
A small sleepy little town along the Caribbean near the Panamanian border, known as a surfer's mecca during high
season, but with the ocean dead calm during our visit.
The town is known for its reggae influence and large number of European and American tourists travelling here.  
We're here because October is Costa Rica's wet season, and the weather is much drier on the Caribbean side.
Now the town is a mecca for tourists wanting to visit Costa Rica during the wet season.
We're staying in a great hotel called Cabinas Maurana - and interesting place with large rooms, veranda with hammock, a
tree house, and all for only $25/night.
After returning from Panama, we stayed in Bahia Drake for three nights.  Bahia Drake is a short jumping
distance to the Corcovado Park, and one of the most remote spots in Costa Rica.  Corcovado Park is as
unspoiled and beautiful as expected and we are able to view virtually every animal to be found in just a short 2
hour excursion around the park.
We end our trip to Costa Rica, staying 3 more nights in Heredia to do a little last minute shopping and visit again our many
amazing new friends.  Manuel for his amazing teaching skills, gregariousness, and welcoming us into his home.  Sara for
her amazing intelligence, high energy, and fun factor.  Tere for her wonderful cooking, her loving artwork, knowledge of
Heredia, and fascinating stories of the many adventures that she has seen.