We start our travels in Chile by taking a ferry from Puerto Montt to Puerto Natales.  We have booked our ferry trip
through the internet to start on Dec 26.  And preferring to stay Christmas night in Bariloche we have organized our bus
trip from Bariloche to Pueto Montt the morning of Dec 26, with an ETA of 2 hours prior to our embarkation.  Now
experienced travellers, we assume that the ferry would either leave on time or late.  So, when we arrive a little late, we
are somewhat aghast to find that embarkation is 90 minutes earlier than posted and that we had arrived just 10 minutes
prior to the boarding time.  Luckily, the ferry was running late because they needed to wait for high tide, and except for
carrying our own luggage onto the ferry, and getting less desirable bunks, we were able to board the ferry without
We took a half day tour of a penguin colony near Punta Arenas.  
Allan is standing with Robbie and Wera
who we met while on the penguin tour.  
They are recent newlyweds.  Robbie is
Swiss and his wife is Brazilian.  We
exchanged email addresses and hope
to meet again in Swtizerland.