We arrive in Cape Town on March 23, our new home away from home, and quickly
commandeer Liz's beautiful home as our own.  Liz has just recently upgraded her
bathrooms with new fixtures plus numerous other personal upgrades, and with gracious
hospitality offered her own room for Evelyn and myself.  A real king size bed, a soft
mattress, and newly remodelled bathroom - and all we could offer Liz during her visit to
Los Angeles was a cot in Evelyn's busy work offce.   
Our Cape Town adventures range
from a personalized tour of a
Stellenbach winery, to lunching at
an elegant restaurant/winery with
a pond stocked full of fish and
ducks - great entertainment while
waiting for lunch  
Of course, any trip to  Cape Town must
include having dinner at Table Mountain
Along with the usual family outings
And more eating and drinking
We also visited the Cape Town Jazz Festival