We travel to Brazil with two major stops: Rio de Janiero, and the Amazon.
In Rio, we stay in a spectacular B&B with Cama e Cafe that is in Santa Teresa, an older part of Rio with beautiful
mansions and cobble stone roads, and a trolley.
To visit the Amazon, we fly to the city of Manaus, a city of 1.6 million people in the heart of the Amazon.  While there,
we book an Amazon tour through Gero Amazon Tours.  The tour takes us hundreds of miles into the Amazon to a
lodge accessible only by boat.  Here we see many exotic birds, crocodiles, piranha, and dolphins.
Our first trip was to the Dolphin Lodge.  Here our guide took us on walks thru the Amazon forest and tours up and down the
Amazon.  Lots of dolphins, alligators, and birds of every variety. Plus we had a great time fishing for piranha.  Not a real
meaty fish, but fun to catch, and fun to cook.  

Evelyn was not so lucky with fishing.  Everyone in our group had caught at least one fish, with the exception of Evelyn (I
was slightly more lucky, catching several undersized piranha, but throwing the fish back into the river).  So, we decided to
take a photo of Evelyn holding one of the small piranha that we were going to through back in the river.  While trying to
hold the piranha, the fish bit Evelyn.  Piranha teeth are very sharp, and nearly took off Evelyn`s right index finger.  She now
has a big gash on her finger. Luckily, the bite did not go too deep.  Just seems that the fish were adding insult to injury.  
The only bite that Evelyn got while fishing is the one from the fish.  I would have bit the fish back myself, but Evelyn had
spilled so much blood on the little piranha, that he would have been gobbled up as soon as he hit the water.